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Buy Minoxidil from The Minoxidil Club.

Buy Minoxidil from The Minoxidil Club


The Minoxidil Club was conceived in 1997 by David Akehurst. David started to use Minoxidil lotion to treat his own thinning hair after reading about the product in a medical journal. After a few months he began to notice the appearance of  fine hair re-growth and within a year David's 'new' hair became thicker and darker in colour. Friends and colleagues at work were amazed at the change in David's appearance and were inspired to use Minoxidil themselves.

Today, Minoxidil is freely available without prescription from registered pharmacies throughout the world. But it is still expensive to purchase in quantities suitable for individual use. David and his friends formed a syndicate to buy their Minoxidil in larger amounts and were able to negotiate a worthwhile discount on their regular, monthly purchases.
The concept of The Minoxidil Club was born.

"...now, Minoxidil Club customers from all over the U.K can benefit from savings of up to 65% every month"

Now, Minoxidil Club customers from all over the U.K can benefit from savings of up to 65% every month on Minoxidil and Finasteride products. We guarantee to order only from bona-fide pharmaceutical suppliers and we'll deliver your purchases FREE to any destination in the U.K or Northern Ireland. Each product is identical to that found on your chemist's shelf and contains full manufacturer's product literature and support. In fact everything for which you would normally pay up to 65% more in your high street chemist.

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"...our customers save at least 310 every year by ordering their products from The Minoxidil Club"

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Everybody knows that Minoxidil and Finasteride work, but only for as long as you continue the treatment. Our customers save at least 310 every year simply by buying their hair treatment products from The Minoxidil Club and Finasteride Express.
Mail order is easy and we deliver direct to your door...so why pay more.

It's entirely FREE to join The Minoxidil Club, we won't ask you for a penny in annual membership fees and there's no obligation to continue buying your Minoxidil and Finasteride from us. You have absolutely nothing to loose.
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Minoxidil is clinically proven to combat hair loss.
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